Saturday, August 27, 2022

Jennifer Lopez Releases Exclusive “Marry Me” Music Video Featuring BTS and Maluma


Jennifer Lopez Releases Exclusive “Marry Me” Music Video Featuring BTS and Maluma

Jennifer Lopez treated fans to some behind-the-scenes footage of her Madison Square Garden performance with her “Marry Me” co-star Maluma.

MARRY ME | Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

On Facebook, JLo released an exclusive music video for the hit movie, which shows the On The Floor songwriter preparing for her show with her 28-year-old co-star.

Jennifer Lopez, Maluma – Marry Me (Ballad – Official Video)

The video also features glimpses of the two stars filming their romantic comedy, which premiered in February.

Marry Me
Lopez with Maluma

López expressed during her conversation with People that she enjoyed playing the role of a well-known singer in the film, which was also “cathartic”.

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The On My Way singer admitted she likes “revealing a little something of what it’s like living in the public eye.”

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López also chose the film’s soundtrack. “The songs also tell the story,” She said.


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